Bloodbath & Beyond [Mass Effect]

After-Action Report 2

Fugitive Recovery

[Target] Runaway volus researcher with stolen files
[Location] Noveria (Pax System / Horsehead Nebula) | Presrop (Klendagon / Century System / Hawking Eta)
[Objective] Recover the target, dead or alive, along with any research data in his possession

As the new holders of BB&B’s lien, Agronomics Ltd. sent the crew after Hervus Tohl, a volus researcher who had disappeared from their Noveria labs with several petabytes of confidential research data. Upon further investigation, the crew discovered that Tohl had falsified his flight plans and murdered his salarian accomplice, leaving weaponized creeper mines in the salarian’s apartment.

After a brief run-in with Noveria corporate security, the crew unearthed Tohl’s actual destination and set out after him. While in flight, a malicious data packet within Tohl’s files rendered the crew’s ship inoperable, forcing them to land on Presrop, Klendagon’s frozen moon.

Once on the surface, the crew found Tohl and his surviving crew easily enough, but they also ran into Galen Salvius, chief lieutenant of the Pulsars mercenary gang. After a tense but brief battle, they subdued Salvius and his men, with Copperfield blowing away most of the turian’s torso. Before he expired, however, he ordered his orbiting ship to “open fire.” Believing that their location was about to be bombarded from orbit, Vet worked quickly to sample the turian’s speech and countermand the order. While the Pulsar ship did cease fire, their actual target had been the crew’s ship, not them directly.

Now stranded within the Five Kiloparsec Ring, the crew attempted to take over the Pulsar ship in orbit. Although most of the crew put up little resistance, the bridge crew offered a larger challenge. Led by Carter Walcott, the brother of Copperfield’s previous CO, the bridge crew held off both Ashima and the sniper for several minutes, severely wounding the human in the process. Once the rest of the crew arrived, however, the battle was over quickly. With his krogan bodyguard and asari first mate taken out, Walcott fled the ship in an FTL-capable shuttle.

Once the crew was in control of the Pulsar ship, they returned to Noveria, where the CEO of Agronomics Ltd praised them for their work, while simultaneously “lamenting” the loss of their previous ship and promising that the insurance payout would more than compensate Agronomics Ltd for its expenditures on this mission.

[Outcome] Mission success. Target recovered alive, with data stores intact. Copperfield was gravely wounded during the operation, but it is believed he will survive with little or no lasting injuries. Although the crew’s original ship was destroyed, the recovered Pulsar ship—and its Thannix cannons—serves as a more-than-worthy replacement.


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