Stunts and Refresh

Choose 3 free stunts for your character. The base refresh rate is 5, and you can spend 4 of those points on additional stunts, if you’d like.

In addition to the options given for stunts in Fate Core, you can also use them to represent equipment or personal hardware that your character possesses. When creating equipment, each point of refresh you spend allows you to pick two of the following options:

  • +1 to one situational application of one skill
  • +2 shifts (or Weapon:2) on a success
  • Armor:1
  • Add a new action to a skill

You can spend multiple points of refresh on a given piece of gear, but the options you choose for each item should work together thematically. For example, an M-98 Widow shouldn’t give you Weapon:4 and Armor:2.

Example Stunts
Hard Lock (Biotics) When you stick someone in a mass effect field, they tend to stay stuck. When you create a Stasis advantage against a target, you can actively resist their attempts to remove that aspect, even if you’re not present.

Heavy Warp (Biotics) Your skill at manipulating distortion fields has increased the lethality of your biotic attacks. You gain +2 shifts of effect on successful ranged Biotics attack rolls.

Biotic Detonation (Biotics) You have learned to intentionally destabilize mass effect fields affecting your targets, resulting in an explosion of destructive force. When you make a ranged Biotics attack against a target affected by a situation aspect like Singularity, you may choose to remove that aspect to make your attack against everyone affected by it. Any free invocations on that aspect are also removed.

Distortion Ammo (Shoot) Your weapon fires specially modified rounds that are designed to wear down biotic barriers more quickly than standard projectiles. You gain an additional +2 shifts on a successful Shoot attack against targets protected by a biotic barrier. If you have multiple ammo modification stunts, only one can be used per attack.

Tactical Cloak_ (Stealth)_ Your hardsuit is equipped with light-bending materials that allow you to fade from sight. You may use Stealth to hide, even when being directly observed.

Microweapon Fabrication (Tech) Using the microfabricator on your Omni-tool, you can produce jets of high-explosive plasma or super-cooled subatomic particles, allowing you to make physical attack rolls with your Tech skill.

Combat Drone (Tech) You can create a short-lived tech drone to assist you. The drone comes into being with a 1- and a 2-point physical stress box (It’s immune to mental stress.), and has Fair (+2) Engineering and Shoot. It does not have any stunts, but you can use your own refresh to add additional capabilities to the drone. The drone lasts for two exchanges or until it is destroyed, whichever is shorter.

Example Equipment
Widow Anti-Materiel Rifle (2 stunts) +2 to Shoot when attacking a target 2 or more zones away, Weapon:4

Cerberus Spirit Armor Armor:1, +2 shifts on a successful Biotics attack

Bluewire Omni-tool +1 to Tech when bypassing physical security systems, +2 shifts on a successful Tech attack.

Gemini Bio-amp +2 shifts on a successful Biotics attack, +1 to create Singularity advantages against multiple targets.


Stunts and Refresh

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