As per Fate Core, your character’s skill pyramid is capped at Great (+4). Skills function exactly as given in Chapter 5 of Fate Core, except for the changes and additions below.

Skill List


Biotics is the ability some lifeforms possess to create and manipulate mass effect fields, due to element zero nodules embedded within their bodies.

  • Overcome Use Biotics to overcome mass effect fields or physical obstacles, such as localized singularities or heavy objects.
  • Create an Advantage Use Biotics to create advantages based on your manipulation of mass effect fields, whether that be slowing someone down or stacking crates for cover.
  • Attack Use Biotics to generate distortion fields around your target, wearing down their defenses and causing bodily harm.
  • Defend You may use Biotics to defend against Shoot and Fight attacks by generating a short-term kinetic barrier or altering the trajectories of incoming projectiles.

The Burglary skill works as given on p. 99 of Fate Core, except that it does not allow you to do things like bypass electronic locks or security systems. Those kinds of tasks are covered by the Tech skill.

The Knowledge skill works exactly like the Lore skill on pp. 114–115 of Fate Core. It has just been renamed to fit the setting. This is also the skill you use to treat physical consequences.

The Physique skill works as given on pp. 118–119 of Fate Core, except that it also includes the applications of the Fight skill, on pp. 110–111.

The Pilot skill works just like the Drive skill on pp. 106–107 of Fate Core. It has just been renamed to fit the setting.

The Tech skill works just like the Crafts skill on pp. 102–103 of Fate Core. It also covers some of the functions of the Burglary skill, when related to electronic systems. Bypassing security measures and hacking computers is part of Tech, rather than Burglary.



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