Bloodbath & Beyond [Mass Effect]

After-Action Report 1
Hostage Recovery

[Target] Kidnapped krogan female, suspected fertile
[Location] Abandoned refinery on Rayingri (Gagarin System / Armstrong Nebula)
[Objective] Recover the target, unharmed
[Secondary Objective] Decimate the Blood Pack rebels

Upon landing, the crew set about preparations for their assault. Copperfield and Rusonius took elevated positions in the staging area, gathering information on the placement of the enemy forces. Vet set up technological countermeasures while nar Rannoch compromised the enemy comms. While Ashima attempted to infiltrate the refinery, Jorgal drew one squad of guards away from the building.

Once Ashima was in position and Jorgal had the attention of the Blood Pack guards, Copperfield and Rusonius opened fire, distracting the remaining guards from Ashima’s presence and neutralizing several targets. Vet attempted to assist Jorgal’s ruse with the use of a modified combat drone, but he was overzealous in gaining the guards’ attention. Before the Blood Pack agents could storm the group’s staging area, Jorgal stopped their advance with a well-placed biotic barrier, eventually locking the majority of the enemy forces—and himself—in stasis.

With the Blood Pack agents sufficiently distracted, Ashima entered the building and took custody of the kidnapped female. The leader of the splinter group opened fire on Jorgal, but only succeeded in detonating the pressurized pipeline in the area, scattering his forces. Copperfield neutralized him with a single shot, and while Vet set about overloading one of the vorcha’s flamers, Rusonius opened up on the remaining guards, eliminating them.

The two remaining Blood Pack agents acknowledged the team’s skill and coordination before retreating, and nar Rannoch provided them with the team’s contact information, should they ever require the services of Bloodbath & Beyond.

[Outcome] Mission success. Target recovered with minimal injuries, and the Blood Pack rebels are well below fighting strength. Possible bounty award for elimination of rebel leader.


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