Bloodbath & Beyond [Mass Effect]

Mid-Mission Update - Ares Interplanetary A113


[Target] Hanar dignitary
[Location] Zakera Ward / Citadel
[Objective] Eliminate target with minimal evidentiary ties to Ares

Upon being notified that the lien on BB&B’s operation had again been sold, the team was invited to visit Caleston, the headquarters of Ares Interplanetary, to meet with their new employer. There, they were informed that BB&B had been officially purchased by Ares and would be operating under their corporate banner, though the licensing of the BB&B trademark was still up for negotiation.

Malrin, asari CEO of Ares and connoisseur of ancient Earth memorabilia, personally welcomed them to the fold and gave them their first mission: the assassination of a hanar diplomat aboard the Citadel. They were given the name of a drell contact who would meet them in the Dark Star Lounge in Zakera Ward and assist them.

Unfortunately, the drell was double-crossing Ares—and them. He led the team to a nearby alley where they were ambushed by several of the traitor’s associates. After a tense battle, the team came out on top, capturing the traitor in the process.

{More updates to follow.}


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